Marriage License Applications

May 21

Aaron Donald Lyon, Warren, and Miranda Lyn Ohl, Warren.

Tyler Douglas Wagner, Warren, and Emily Marie Tucker, Warren.

Jason James LaBarr, Warren, and Katie Violet Thayer, Warren.

James Anthony Sullivan, Warren, and Erin Leigh Eastman, Warren.

May 22

William Kevin McChesney, Warren, and Debra Jane Holcomb, Warren.

Andrew Lawrence O’Donnell, Sheffield, and Jamie Nicole Nicklas, Sheffield.

May 27

Jeffrey Allen Ransom, Warren, and Kelly Ann Sult, Erie.

May 28

Jonathan Brady Wood, Garland, and Bobbi Sue Dougherty, Garland.

May 29

Cody Charles Jackman, Youngsville, and Kasi Clair Larson, Youngsville

Dale Leroy Dexter, Warren, and Sandra Lee Tudor, Warren.

Jacob Andrew Lauffenbruger, Red Bank, N.J., and Stephanie Lynn Ferenc, Red Bank, N.J.

Randall Thomas Lobdell, Clarendon, and Martha Lyn Asp, Pittsfield