Traffic signals

Dear editor:

Driving Rt. 62 through North Warren takes a lot of wasted fuel because of malfunctioning traffic lights.

The light at Hatch Run for the past three weeks only stays green for 10 seconds on Rt. 62 and goes right to red for 35 seconds all night long, which is absolutely ridiculous because the traffic is mostly on Rt. 62. When a loaded tanker is stopped, the vehicle behind may have to wait another 35 seconds even though there is not another car in sight. This light now is a public safety concern and no one seems in a hurry to fix it.

Other examples of lights not working right are a while back the lights at Warren Commons and also Jackson Run only gave about 10 seconds green to Rt. 62 and there were long lines of traffic backed up in each direction at both lights for a week and a half.

The light at Hatch Run gave the arrow to turn into Aldi when no car was there, holding up southbound traffic wasting more fuel. That took eight months to fix.

Some time ago someone damaged the trip wire at Follett Run and that took about two years to fix.

It seems that at any given time at least one of these lights is not working properly. With the high cost of fuel today these lights are terrible fuel wasters at certain times and Conewango Township must put more effort into keeping their lights working properly.

Bob Silzle