Our opinion: Making it better

They make this city a better place.

And, they’ve been doing it for 40 years.

They are the members of the Warren Garden Club.

Not content to just beautify their own lawns and gardens for the benefit of their neighbors, passersby and their own satisfaction, they volunteer their time, their expertise and their backs and knees to the City of Warren.

Over the past week they have spashed color into city parks and around monuments. The city provides $1,200 for the plants; they provide the work. If public works employees performed the work, it would cost taxpayers many times that “seed” money.

It is the duty of government to keep the roads plowed, the sewers working and order maintained. To a great extent, the government of the City of Warren accomplishes those basics of public responsibility.

But, there are things that set some communities apart, things that make a town a pleasant place to live and visit. Some of them are obvious; others are more subtle.

Fresh flowers that add color and interest are one of those things.

We salute those members of the Warren Garden Club who carry on a tradition in the city that has made our environment not only something to enjoy, but a place we can be proud of.