Laws v. God’s laws

Dear editor:

Here I sit on my hill top thinking how could our beautiful country gone so wrong? If our forefathers could see what we have done with the laws they worked on so hard. Maybe they would not have worked so hard to get us our freedoms. Everything they did, they either had to go by horse or walk. They believed in prayer. No matter what they were working on. Today, how many of our leaders go to God, before making their decisions. So be it. Did you ever stop and think? You have two choices in most everything you do. It’s either yes or no, up or down, right or left (or it could be maybe, but that is no decision) you are for God or not. If not what are you for?

God gave us laws to live by, just as our earthly father did (remember) you did as he said or you paid. GOd is the same. Have you read how the Jewish nation paid, when they left Egypt and did follow his law? They wandered in the wilderness for forty years until all the old people were gone.

Now stop and think what is happening to our country. I was born when Harding was president. I can remember things happening in our country since Herbert to Obama! 14 different presidents. Some were good, others so so, I remember one good thing Roosevelt did. He started the W.P.A. and the C.C.C. I can’t understand why they haven’t tried it again, it could put a lot of the people on welfare to work and the gangs would be off the streets and people would be earning their way.”

People don’t know how else we came to being a dictator nation when they try to have Roosevelt run for a fourth term. I could tell you good and bad about all fourteen presidents.

Just like today they promise us the moon. Just like today all fourteen were for the people, until they get into office, it seems they go with the money. Most of our laws are against God’s laws, abortion (murder). The athiest get God out of our schools (look what is happening in our schools?) Now Pennsylvania has broke Wm. Penn’s heart. Same sex marriages. Landslides we will pay. It has started snow, fires, floods, drought, hurricanes, murders and also the hail storm (Reading).

Am I right or wrong, you choose?

M.E. McMillen

Sugar Grove