The Name Game

School buildings that haven’t even been completed yet have already been renamed.

At the Warren County School District board of directors’ committee meetings in February, the administration recommended naming the K-12 facilities at Eisenhower and Sheffield “Eisenhower K-12” and “Sheffield K-12,” respectively.

“All of our buildings are named in policy,” said WCSD Director of Buildings and Grounds Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht in February. “Because we are altering what buildings are functioning, (we) have to adjust policy. We need to settle on what we are going to call the new schools.”

Kennerknecht said the possibility exists for the elementary wing to be considered its own K-5 school or for the entire campus to be one entity with a K-12 designation. In that scenario, some efficiency would be found from a reporting standpoint, as all reports filed with the state would only have to be completed once.

“Certainly, one name would be easier,” said Kennerknecht, indicating that he would recommend Eisenhower be named ‘Eisenhower K-12.’

Kennerknecht then recommended the names.

But new names were brought before the Physical Plant and Facilities Committee on Tuesday evening.

The policy has been amended to refer to the elementary additions as “Eisenhower Elementary School” and “Sheffield Area Elementary School.” The names of the existing middle-high schools would not change.

Kennerknecht said on Tuesday that the administration is “recommending names in such a manner as to benefit the district in the maximum way.”

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Gary Weber said that if the schools were one K-12 entity, the district could not receive federal funding for students who qualify for free and reduced-price lunches.

The new names will be taken on first reading to the full board for consideration in June.