Little League

Jacob McMeans was 3-for-3 at the plate while playing an outstanding defensive game for Hoover Oil Supply in a Boys’ Training League game against AVAS. For AVAS, Ledger Newton was 2-for-3 and Logan Degnan turned an unassisted double play.

United Refining’s Tommy Nyquist had two doubles and a triple against Hoffner Excavating on Friday. In the field, Nyquist was a perfect 7-for-7 on putouts to first baseman Matt DeSimone, who also had a pair of doubles.

The Eagles Club had plenty of big hits in their Boys’ Training game against Means Collision. Luke Becker had two triples and a home run while Jacobe Anthony had a triple and a grand slam. Owen Blum, Jason Lester, and Caden Beers all doubled for Means.

Micah Passmore was 3-for-3 and Ryan Rafalski struck out 10 batters in three innings for Allegheny Construction in a 15-5 Boys’ Majors win over AVAS. Jacob DeSimone had a three-run homer for AVAS, finishing with four RBI in the loss.

Nick Hussey and Mitch Grosch hit back-to-back home runs for A&B Heating in a Boys’ Majors win over Betts. Hussey finished the day 4-for-4 while Grosch, Tom Bablak, and Kevin Marfink had two hits each. Matt Rowan doubled for Betts.

Jared Bupp doubled, homered, and was the winning pitcher for Whirley DrinkWorks in a 20-8 win over Wilcox Brothers.

In Girls’ Minors action, AVAS defeated Farrah Grotto, 21-11, on the strength of Madison Stevenson’s five-RBI game. Stevenson was 2-for-3 with two doubles and Rylie Yeager was 3-for-3 with one double. Alyssa Anderson and Yeager combined to strike out 10 batters, while Katie Madigan and Jena Wilson struck out eight for Farrah Grotto.


Hoover Oil Supply played AVAS. 2b-Benji Bauer (A), Griffin Williams (A), Colin Shene (H).

United Refining played Hoffner Excavating. 2b-Tommy Nyquist (U) 2, Matt DeSimone (U) 2, Bradley Pierce (U), Andrew Bailey (U), Waylon Moore (U). 3b-Tommy Nyquist (U).

Eagles Club played Means Collision, 2b-Owen Blum (M), Jason Lester (M), Caden Beers (M). 3b-Luke Becker (E) 2, Jacobe Anthony (E). HR-Luke Becker (E), Jacobe Anthony (E).

Real Living Avista played American Legion Post 135. 2b-Caden McCuen (A) 2, Adam Bull (A), Bergen Nelson (A), Carson Chase (A). 3b-Carson Chase (A).


AVAS 100 4 – 5 3

Allegheny Construction 114 9 – 15 6

HR-Jacob DeSimone. WP-Ryan Rafalski.

A&B Heating 540 9 – 18 13

Betts 300 2 – 5 4

2b-Matt Rowan (B). 3b-Kevin Marfink (A). HR-Mitch Grosch (A), Nick Hussey (A). WP-Zach Zinger.

Whirley DrinkWorks 439 4 – 20 11

Wilcox Bros. 001 7 – 8 3

3b-Tyler Gustafson (Wh), Jared Bupp (Wh), Kyle Coons (Wi). 3b-Dylan Benson (Wi), Tristan Sandak (Wi). HR-Jared Bupp (Wh). WP-Jared Bupp.