WAHS project just beginning

While some construction projects in the Warren County School District are wrapping up, others are just beginning.

Such is the case at Warren Area High School.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Physical Plant & Facilities Committee, Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht, WCSD director of buildings and grounds, said that the last meeting with the faculty and ad-hoc committee for the Educational Specification process was held last week.

He said the report on the Ed Spec is expected to be ready for a July meeting of the school board.

Kennerknecht also said he has been made aware of portable classrooms another district is currently using that could be utilized at WAHS, four units which come together to make four classrooms.

He explained that the possibility exists of purchasing the classrooms for $1.

The classrooms are in “pretty good condition,” Kennerknecht said. “(They) need some exterior work.”

He estimated cost to dismantle them, move them and re-install them at $20,000 to $25,000.

Of the WAHS site, “the nice thing is that the foundations are still up there (and we) have a transformer back there” where the classrooms could be re-assembled.

He said he is looking to be able to bring an item on this issue to the board in June.

Currently, there are portable classrooms at Eisenhower, and Kennerknecht said those will be moved to WAHS. The cost for moving the new classrooms, he said, was estimated based on the cost of moving the ones currently at Eisenhower.

The new classrooms, if purchased, would come from Saegertown.