LIVESTRONG says thanks

Dear editor:

The LIVESTRONG at the Y participants, along with the staff of the Y are thrilled to say BRAVO to Northwest Savings Bank for The Northwest 5K walk/run this past March.

The event was well organized and attended with music, and a street singer to boot!The dollars NWSB raised to help support the Livestrong at the Y program is immeasurable. These dollars are going to help us, help cancer survivors of Warren County enjoy a free 12-week program that provides a community among people whom they can share their journey, heal, laugh and sometimes cry.

They will learn new ways to be successful health seekers by gaining new tools and skills.Warren County should be very proud of this home grown company and all they do for our community.

Thank you Northwest Savings Bank Corp, Thank you for acknowledging our program for cancer survivors of Warren County with proceeds from your wonderful event. BRAVO! job well done.



Kim Slocum Project Manager

Jen Goerlich Member engagement Coordinator

Chris Dolan Health and Wellness Director