Random Acts of Kindness

Dear editor:

The Random Acts of Kindness group (RAK) of WAHS has done several things this year w/in the school and involving the community. We have had several newspaper articles about some of our events that we did. We have had some questions about what random acts of kindness community members can do for each other. Here is a list of some things we have thought of that the community members can do.

1). Cut your neighbors grass without being asked.

2). Pay for the car behind you when in line at a drive through restaurant.

3). While walking greet other people with a good morning.

4). Leave change in a vending machine.

5). Send a note of appreciation to a friend or family member.

6). Bring in your neighbor’s trash can.

7). Ask a stranger to sit with you at a meal.

8). Tip a waiter/waitress more than the standard amount.

9). Give a stranger tickets to something in town.

10). Pay for someone’s gas in their car.

For more random acts of kindness ideas visit randomactsofkindness.org.

Have a great day!

Matt Menard

WAHS counselor