Scouts say thank you

The Chief Cornplanter Council, Boy Scouts of America were the second highest organization in terms of total dollars, out of 93 total organizations, in the recent Warren Gives effort. Only the Struthers Library Theater had a higher contribution total during the one-day event.

Total dollars raised for the Scouts in the Warren Gives effort was just over $17,000.

“We’re so very grateful to all the people in Warren County and elsewhere who help to support us financially” said Boy Scout Executive Director Kevin Bonner. “The outpouring of support for us in this effort really shows how much the people of Warren County care about our mission to serve young people through the time-tested program of Scouting, and to help us remain a small, finacially sound organization. Words can’t express our thanks enough to everyone who made this so successful for us.”

Boy Scout Board President Mike Barrett said “We’re thrilled at the success of the Warren Gives effort and humbled by the community’s support of Scouting. We’d also very much like to thanks the Community Foundation of Warren County for hosting the event as well as the match sponsors, the Betts Foundation, the DeFrees Family Memorial Fund, Northwest Savings Bank, and the Sara Sokolski Family Fund.”

The Boy Scouts finished last year’s Warren Gives effort as the 3rd highest organization in terms of total contributions.

Kevin J. Bonner

Scout Executive

Chief Cornplanter Council #538

Boy Scouts of America