Park Progress

Quick work by the City of Warren Public Works Department has returned Betts Park to a usable condition.

Vinnie Massa, DPW assistant superintendent, said that the city will re-open the park today at 8 a.m.

“Crews and Contractors have been in the Park the last 3 days cleaning up, mowing, spreading lime, and making repairs. There are still a few soft areas along the walking trail that need a little more restoration work and sunshine, and a few pockets of soft ground here and there in the park.”

“At this point, the park is safe for the public to return to, and the few minor restorations left to make can be done in a manner showing respect to park users.”

“It’s in the condition now, that I would not want to see organizations or regular users be kept away due to a few areas that are minor and avoidable.”

“Walkers should be aware that, though the waters have left the park, the river itself is very high. Please use caution in the areas where the walk and river share an open accessible boundary.”

“On behalf of the City, I would like to thank the community for being patient with the us as we moved through this process. DPW’s Park Maintenance Program will now be turning its focus to making plans for Beaty Playground and Point Park restorations.”