Panel: Move LEC to Russell

The Leaning Enrichment Center (LEC) is making a move.

Without discussion, the Physical Plant and Facilities Committee of the Warren County School District’s board of directors forwarded a recommendation to the full board on Tuesday to move the Learning Enrichment Center from the Stone Building on the grounds of Warren State Hospital to what will be the former Russell Elementary School.

According to a resolution prepared for the committee meeting by Solicitor Chris Byham, the move would commence with the 2014-2015 school year.

The resolution notes that “the Board has received sufficient evidence that Russell Elementary School is capable of housing the Learning Enrichment Center and the students that attend the Learning Enrichment Center.”

Last month, the board approved pursuing a change of occupancy permit that would pave the way for central office to move to Russell as well.

The final location of the LEC has been bandied about for months.

In March, the administration held a meeting of the Gifted Education Advisory Council at Allegheny Valley Elementary School in Clarendon and LEC parents and students were given a tour.

The elementary addition at the Sheffield complex will not be completed on schedule, requiring Allegheny Valley to remain open as a K-5 school for an additional semester.

“This is a possibility,” said Kennerknecht of the move to Allegheny Valley during the meeting. “We haven’t really pitched the idea to the board.”

In March, parents expressed concern about a need for continuity and ensuring that the LEC does not constantly move repeatedly in the future.