Garden Club hosts Erie meteorologist

Tom Atkins, meteorologist for WJET TV News, presented a program for the May meeting of the Warren Garden Club. Atkins, using a question-answer format, explained weather concepts we all experience.

Atkins’ forecast for the coming summer of “average, maybe a little cooler” was based on research of the eight past summers. He felt that present weather conditions are not more intense or severe than in the past. Due to modern technology we hear and see the weather all over the nation immediately, therefore seeing many conditions at once.

Atkins explained Doppler Radar as a tool to view the speed and location of winds in storms. Winds coming in a northwest direction from Lake Erie affect us with a larger amount of snowfall. He explained the true Polar Vortex as a low pressure area in the polar regions. The term used this winter was a creation of the media for the cold temperatures and winds. It is not a factual condition in this area.

The horticulture tip for the month was presented by Rebecca Ryan. When going to garden centers, make a list of needs first. This insures accuracy and prevents over spending.

The club’s civic beautification project is planned for Monday, June 2. Celeron Park, General Joseph Warren Park, Betts Park, along Crescent Drive and the front area of the municipal building will be planted for summer splendor.

The club plans a trip to the Buffalo area for a garden tour. This trip will take place on June 26 leaving Warren at 7:30 a.m.

“Triple Bloom”, Warren Garden Club’s all day educational seminar for the public, is scheduled for Thursday, October 27, at Warren Holiday Inn. Bill Rose of Philadelphia, Bill Bushnell, Pittsburgh and Dan Ristau of Warren will be the main speakers.

It was announced that the Master Gardeners Perennial Plant Sale and Garden Flea Market will be held at Betts Park on Saturday, May 31, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The club welcomes new members. Anyone interested in joining the club should call Donna Fire at 723-5166.