Bids opened for county purchases, projects

Because of the Memorial Day holiday weekend, the Warren County Commissioners did not attend their work session on Tuesday morning, as they were already scheduled for a governing board meeting in Forest County for the Department of Human Services.

Warren County Chief Clerk Pam Matve said no action could be taken in their absence, however, she was permitted to open and read bids.

Regarding six vehicles advertised by the county, bids from seven contenders were opened and read. Bids were received for varying numbers of the vehicles, ranging from all six to just one.

Also, bids for a paving project in Clarendon at Terrace Haven and School Street were opened.

Of the four bids received, Russell Standard was the lowest at $89,975.63. Wilson Excavating was the high bid, at $97,2210.15, and bids from Hawbaker and I.A. Construction fell in between.

County Fiscal Director Paul Pascuzzi noted that the cost of the project was estimated at over $100,000 back in 2010, by E and M Engineers. The estimate was completed to allow for budgeting for the project.

He asked Thomas Warner of Russell Standard, who attended the meeting, how long the project would take.

Warner replied, “Oh, it won’t take long, a couple of days to prep, and a couple more to finish.”

Two companies sent in bids for a three-year contract for cleaning services in the courthouse and annex on Hickory Street.

Matve noted that there are three parts to the contract daily cleaning of the offices, quarterly cleaning of glass and a yearly cleaning of carpets.

She said the bids were for the full three years, not individual years, and would be considered as a whole rather than individual parts so only one company would be awarded the contract.

Clean Rite of Jamestown, N.Y., was low bidder with $131,400 for part one, $1,650 for part two and $5,360 for part three for a total of $138,410.

Bonded Services bids were $137,592, $1,371 and $6,750, respectively, for a total of $145,713.

Matve said the commissioners would review the bids later on Tuesday, and take action at either Wednesday morning’s meeting or at the June 11 meeting.