Planners resolve city zoning issue

During last Wednesday morning’s meeting of the Warren City Planning Commission, a zoning issue was resolved, to the relief of a local man.

Kristopher Bunk had purchased a lot on the east side of Glade Run at 12 Crestmont Drive, applied for permits, and ordered a pre-built ranch home, when he was notified of a problem.

He added that his new house was to be delivered on May 29.

He said Alan Gustafson, the city’s code official, called him and said the land was zoned Preservation.

David Hildebrand, planning and development administrator, noted that the last zoning map was produced in 1981.

He told the commission, “You have the (authority) to make the final decision.”

In a memo to the commission, he cited section 204 of the zoning ordinance, Lots in two Zoning Districts, which reads, “Where a zoning district boundary line divides a lot which was in single ownership and a lot of record at the effective date of this chapter, any extension of the least restrictive shall be approved by the Planning Commission.”

The commission voted unanimously to approve changing the zoning designation of Bunk’s lot to Residential.

In other business, they voted member Steve Parinella to take over as secretary, after receiving the resignation of Charles Conaway.

After some discussion,commission members agreed to let the Crary Gallery sign appeal take its course before taking any action.

Chairman Don Nelson said, “Let’s not think about this as just the Crary, let’s think about the ordinance as a whole. A discussion about the designation for museums and galleries may be narrow, but we have a bed and breakfast designation . Guess what we have? One bed and breakfast. Is it a working document that could be improved? Absolutely.”