City will plow new sidewalk to get bridge

PennDOT wants to replace a bridge, and install a sidewalk.

But only if the City of Warren takes responsibility for the sidewalk.

That was the essence of a proposal set before Warren City Council at its meeting Monday evening.

Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz explained that PennDOT “proposed an improvement project on a state-owned portion of Pennsylvania Avenue, a small bridge that crosses Glade Run down by United (Refining).”

However, Holtz explained, PennDOT is “asking for the city to maintain the sidewalk once it is installed with the bridge.”

Two separate proposed actions were brought to council one to approve the sidewalk agreement and another to give city staff permission to execute the agreement.

“They are building a new sidewalk and are asking us to plow it?” Councilman Gregory Fraser asked.

“And if we don’t, we don’t get the new sidewalk,” Holtz said. “It will make a nice walk.”

Holtz estimated that stretch of sidewalk to be in the realm of 50 to 65 feet.

“If we end up with this, (we) have to take care of it for eternity,” Councilman John Lewis said. “What if we don’t do it?”

The city “will get a bridge but not a sidewalk,” City Engineer Douglas Sceiford said. “The bridge will be replaced.”

Holtz said that he has met with PennDOT and United on the bridge replacement. “They (PennDOT) recognize (traffic) will have to continue to flow.”

Both proposals were approved unanimously.