Council approves fee for recycling

After rescinding a $2.30 per month recycling collection fee in January, Warren City Council brought it back at its meeting last Monday night.

City Manager Nancy Freenock told council that a Commonwealth Court decision permits the collection of the fee by an entity that does not provide recycling service.

While the city isn’t directly in the recycling business, Advanced Disposal is for city residents.

“They will add the recycling bill to its customers,” Freenock said, “as well as quarterly bills to those who do not receive trash service (through Advanced Disposal) but use recycling.”

She said the charge would amount to $2.30 per month per household.

Councilman Gregory Fraser asked what Advanced Disposal receives in turn for collecting the fee.

Freenock said that a processing fee will be paid to Advanced Disposal “for only those who do not utilize those who use their garbage service.”

The processing fee is $1.

Of Advanced, Freenock said that they collect recycling for the entirety of the city.

“Budget-wise, how does the recycling program look?” Councilman Sam Harvey asked.

“It is supposed to be neutral,” said Freenock, noting that “right now it is in a deficit position because we have not been collecting the fee.”

While the fee will start to be collected in July, it will be collected for services rendered going back to when the fee was canceled in January.

That means individuals will be billed for two quarters of recycling fees once collection commences.