Police still working Damien’s disappearance

On Memorial Day weekend 2002, Damien Mark Sharp disappeared.

Every Memorial Day since then, his family and police officials have worked to make sure he isn’t forgotten.

Warren City Police Detective Anthony Chimenti said that Sharp’s disappearance is an open case, considered to be missing/homicide.

“We would like people to be vigilant when they go out into the woods,” he said.

Chimenti said that after 12 years, any clues would be aged and weathered. Perhaps an animal might have dug something up, or someone might remember something. He said that police work has become more sophisticated over the years, so even a minor lead might yield an important clue.

Chimenti said he believes there are more clues and things that have not been discovered.

“I feel he might still be in the area,” he said.

He added someone might see something of interest and think, “I might need to call that one in.”

Anyone not comfortable with going to the police directly can contact Warren County Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-832-7463.

“All it could take (to solve the case) is one person coming forward,” Chimenti said.