Dear editor,

Irritant – from Webster’s College Dictionary: anything causing irritation (to provoke, promote anger, to annoy, agitating to exasperation)

I’ve been around for quite some time (from the old school, so to speak) and the list of irritants affecting me continues to grow.

In a recent WTO article was the heading “Cyrus resumes her tour,” referring to Miley Cyrus continuing her tour in London after a brief illness. The article ends with “She gave an energetic performance, complete with crotch grabbing, erotically tinged choreography and a ride on a giant hot dog.”

What’s with this current trend in crotch grabbing with today’s “so called” entertainers? Our society has really sunk to a new low by accepting this behavior from these individuals. Miley Cyrus’s parents must be real proud of her!

Continuing with irritants:

As Memorial Day approaches, the local stores’ shelves are stocked with American Flag decorated paper plates, napkins, ribbons, lawn ornaments, etc, most of it crap from China.

Any true and loyal American should let these items sit on the shelves. The stores can burn this crap (I’ll gladly do it for them) or send it back to China where it belongs.

Anything representing the American Flag should not be allowed to be made outside of the USA. After checking out some stores I did find these items that are made in this country. A person just has to look, and care.

The flag that flies in my yard 24/7 was made in this country (Pennsylvania I think). Seeing the American Flag rippling in the wind invokes a feeling of pride and respect.

More “irritants” at a later date.


Tom Cappello, Sr.