Students rescued on river

Twelve students from Rowland Hall High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Gettysburg College launched kayaks at Buckaloons on Tuesday afternoon. One of the students said they knew they were in trouble within 100 yards. Two or three went into the water, but managed to make it to shore. Responders from Youngsville Volunteer Fire Department and Glade VFD Water Rescue brought another student from the opposite bank of the river near the beanfields where he was stranded. A crew from the Warren Fire Department also launched their boat. An Emergycare team found three more students about four miles downstream along Dunn’s Eddy Road safe and dry. Todd Lake, the county’s public safety director, said, “Obviously, you shouldn’t be on the river if you don’t have the necessary skills. They had flotation devices on, and that’s what saved their lives.”