Beaty Memories Rekindled

Beaty-Warren Middle School has been through some serious changes.

Dozens of former Warren County School District teachers and administrators, most of whom spent at least a portion of their careers at Beaty, were invited to visit the school Monday afternoon to get a look at the new school.

Beaty has undergone a $16 million renovation over the past two years.

Many teachers and administrators were on hand to talk about their new work environment and to help guide visitors through the building.

Former teachers lauded the technological improvements, more sensible location of office spaces and classrooms, and improved lab spaces.

They approved of the relocation of band and choir rooms to space next to the stage, the vastly improved library, and even the change to the location of the “front” door, which is now on the Conewango Avenue side of the building rather than recessed off of Third Avenue.

Without exception, everyone commented on the changes to the school’s atmosphere. Some described the old Beaty as “dark” and “medieval” and more used the term “dungeon.” Terms for the school now included “bright” and “airy,” even “cheerful.”

Monday’s event was open to current and former Warren County School District personnel. A community open house is set for 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 27.