Two properties in city to be razed


Two structures in the City of Warren that have become eyesores, one with a tragic past, are mere weeks from being torn down.

Warren City Council was informed of the cost of demolition during Monday night’s meeting.

The first is located at 1034 Spring Street.

City Administrator Mary Ann Nau said that the Spring Street property was the site of a fire and that portions of the burned structure remain.

Nau said that the property owner at an adjacent property whose renter expressed a desire to see the remnants removed.

“We’ll do that one first,” said Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz.

The other property is 117 Beaty Street.

City staff has been working for months to have the property demolished, following the established procedures regarding serving notice to relevant family members of a deceased owner.

Nau said that the structure could be the site of law enforcement training exercises prior to demolition.

She added that Code Official Alan Gustafson has notified all relevant parties and that Holtz has received quotes for the cost of demolition.

There is a four-week waiting period for dumpsters, according to Nau, before the demolition can begin, estimating that the structures will be demolished “and returned to the tax rolls” in four to six weeks.

But what happens to the properties then?

“Both will be liened with the costs for these demolitions,” said Nau, who said that the city would also continue to mow the grass at the Beaty Street lot until the property “goes up for some type of tax sale.”

Mayor Maurice Cashman asked if someone purchased the properties before tax sale whether the liens would need to be satisfied.

Councilman Gregory Fraser said that they would and that the liens would perpetuate through the first round of tax sale, as well.

Nau said that the cost of demolition would be in the range of $6,000 per property.