School taxes

Dear editor:

It’s that time of the year when school budgets are being prepared. In some areas people are seeking to be elected to the school board. When ever I read an article about the budget or why this person wants to be a board member the first thing they say is for the good of the children to provide a good education.

It seems that I never hear for the good of the taxpayer. While I think education is very important, the good of the taxpayer should also be considered. There are a lot of seniors on fixed incomes, those who have lost their jobs. No one wants to lose their homes because they can’t pay their taxes.

Prices have continued to rise. Been to the grocery store lately? Our wonderful governor raised the tax on gasoline. I guess he forgot a lot of people live in rural areas and don’t have mass transportation. As prices are rising faster than our incomes I think the school board put some real thought on asking for a property tax increase, there should also be some type of a tax reduction for senior citizens.

Jim Elardo