Our opinion: Take 10 minutes

OK, so Republicans don’t have many choices on today’s Primary Election ballot, and Democrats only have a few. But, that’s no excuse to abdicate your right and your duty as a citizen of this great democracy to spend five minutes out of your day in a voting booth.

There are important issues pending in Pennsylvania, and your willingness to turn out will say something to elected officials about the depth of concern among the electorate.

It will also give those you would like to see either elected or defeated in the fall some sense of where they stand early in their ultimate campaigns.

The weather is supposed to be good, a nice day for a break from work and maybe a walk. And, if that’s not in the cards, the polls open at 7 a.m. and stay that way until 8 p.m.

Left your ID at home? Unless you are a first-time voter, you don’t have that excuse, because the state’s on-again-off-again voter ID law has been turned off.

If nothing else, consider you are doing something that costs you nothing but a very little bit of time, but something that millions of people around the world only dream about, and countless others have died for the right. Tossing that away seems indifferent, thoughtless and wasteful.

And we are better than that.