Commissioners sign proclamations for Foster Care, holiday and more

Last Wednesday was Warren County Proclamation Day at the courthouse.

The county commissioners signed four proclamations: for National Foster Care Month, Paint Warren County Purple for cancer awareness, Memorial Day and Emergency Medical Services week.

Commissioner John Eggleston said, “I can’t say enough about the good foster parents do. There is no substitute for small family units. Some foster parents have handled 40 or 50 kids.”

“Oh, more than that, John,” Commissioner John Bortz said, and Commissioner Chairman Stephen Vanco said he knows of a couple that have had more than 90 foster children.

Bortz added, “These people are volunteers, they don’t get paid. Not only do we have a great group, they have a great attitude. If we had to pay all our volunteers (from local organizations), we couldn’t afford it.”

The commissioners also ratified the 2014-2017 contract with the Service Employees International Union.

Vanco noted the contract was negotiated last year, and Eggleston added that the lawyers have had it ever since.

They also signed an agreement with Shaffer Technologies, which will provide the software and hardware necessary to scan public records like deeds and tax claims.

County Fiscal Director Paul Pascuzzi noted that the handwriting in the books from the early 1800s is disappearing, as metals in the ink are rusting.

Denny Munksgard, county treasurer, asked Vanco how much the contract will cost, and Vanco replied, “$25,000,” adding that it is covered by grant money.

Bortz said that the state liquor store in Youngsville “is looking to relocate for a number of reasons,” and in earlier meetings it was suggested that the former district justice office might meet the needs of the store, but Bortz said that the county would have to “build to suit,” and the state is only paying $500 a month.

Eggleston said he would rather sell the building. “We’ll figure something out over the next few weeks,” he said.