Little League

Austyn Cummings, Bryce Cummings, Matt Leonard and Drake Gens had two hits each in Truck-Lite’s Boys Juniors win. Owen Balas had two hits for Rod Johnson Construction.

Ryan Arnold and Carter Borland led the Betts offense with three hits each in a Boys Majors win. Tyler Gustafson, Jared Bupp and Rhilley Cummings had two hits each for Whirley.

Ryan Rafalski, Micah Passmore and Dakota Chase had two extra-base hits each in Allegheny Construction’s Boys Majors win. Chase hit a two-run homer to right-center field. Logan Jaquay and Alex Anderson combined on a one-hitter in the win.Tristan Shepherd had an unassisted double play and combined with Reid Olsen for a second double play for Hoffner Excavating in a Boys Training game.

Exchange Club had seven extra-base hits in a Boys Training game. Brady Berdine had two unassisted double plays at second base for Warren Fence Company in the game.

Ben Berdine, Brady’s older brother, also had a double play – his in a Boys Majors game for CRI vs. A&B Heating. Ryan Madigan had three hits to lead A&B to the win, with Mitch Grosch, Nick Hussey and Kevin Marfink with two hits each. Madigan, Grosch, Drew Swanson and Hussey combined for 16 strikeouts.

James Swanson went 3-for-3 in Peterson-Blick’s win over AVAS. Jamo Douvlos and Cole Chimenti both had two hits each for Peterson-Blick. Griffin Monza doubled for AVAS.

Teagan Gray had four of his team’s five hits in a Boys Minors game.

Emily Leichtenberger and Miken Beers had two hits each for American Legion in a 19-15 Girls Minors win over Farrah Grotto.


Whirley DrinkWorks played Eagles Club. 2b-Colby Barr (W), Owen Becker (E).

Warren Fence Company played Exchange Club. 2b-Brady Berdine (W), Johnny Palmieri (E), Derek Childs (E), Kristopher Bunk (E), Eric Dippold (E) 2. 3b-Shawn Pascuzzi (E), Maysen Wonderling (E).

Real Living Avista played Means Sales & Service. 2b-Zane Carlson (M). 3b-Owen Blum (M).

Hoffner Excavating played Hoover Oil Field Supply. 3b-Tristan Shepherd (Hoffner).


Inscale Architects 001 14 – 6 5

AVAS 240 1x – 7 6

2b-Teagan Gray (I). WP-Connor Cummings.


Betts 421 040 – 11 13

Whirley 110 014 – 7 8

2b-Tyler Gustafson (W) 2, Jared Bupp (W), Noah Jewell (W), Andrew Beyer (B), Thomas Lucks (B), Carter Borland (B) 2. 3b-Beyer (B). WP-Ryan Arnold.

Wilcox Brothers 300 0 – 3 1

Allegheny Construction 256 x – 13 10

2b-Kyle Coons (W), Ryan Rafalski (A) 2, Micah Passmore (A), Dakota Chase (A), Aidan Colosimo (A), Ben Schrader (A). 3b-Passmore (A). HR-Chase (A). WP-Logan Jaquay.

CRI 001 20x -3 1

A&B Heating 017 32x – 13 10

2b-Ryan Madigan (A), Mitch Grosch (A), Nick Hussey (A). HR-Hussey (A).

Peterson-Blick (13)31 0 – 17

AVAS 021 1 – 4

2b-James Swanson (P), Jamo Douvlos (P), Griffin Monza (A). WP-Douvlos.


Rod Johnson Construction 004 100 1 – 6 7

Truck-Lite 510 301 x – 10 9

2b-Bryce Cummings (T), Matt Leonard (T), Drake Gens (T), Nate Betts (R), Adam Irwin (R). WP-Austyn Cummings.


Farrah Grotto 013 56 – 15 6

American Legion 555 13 – 19 12

2b-Kassidy Turner (A). WP-Riley Childress.