A Bridge In A Day



In a news event that took about three hours to unfold, PennDOT replaced a bridge on northern Yankee Bush Road on Wednesday.

A temporary bridge, constructed by ADM Welding and Fabrication of Pleasant Township, was brought in from Mercer County on Tuesday.

Between 10 a.m. and noon, the bridge was hauled off of its trailer, set in the proper position, and unfolded.

A Warren County PennDOT crew out of Tiona installed the bridge and began creating the tapered ramp to allow traffic to cross the one-lane bridge. Milled asphalt, not new material, was used in the taper. The approach could be up to 50-feet long to allow a smooth transition from the road to the two-foot-tall bridge.

The work is expected to be complete Thursday.

When the bridge is open, a post will be sent to PennDOT’s Road Condition Reporting System (RCRS) and that information will be available through PennDOT’s 511 mobile app.

The 12-foot wide, 40-foot long structure sits over a small stream crossing. The culvert – the 100-year-old structure falls short of the requirements for a bridge – there was deemed unsafe for traffic last week and the road was closed.

Because the temporary bridge is only one-lane wide, PennDOT will install stop signs at each end, according to Assistant Maintenance Manager Jesse Williams. Additional signs – ‘Be Prepared To Stop’ and ‘Stop Ahead’ – will also be put up.

Yankee Bush will be paved in July. If a bridge project cannot be added to that paving work, the temporary bridge could stay in place beyond that project.

The bridge is one of two used by PennDOT District 1-0. The other is still in Mercer County.