Graduation etiquette

Dear Editor:

As graduation approaches, I feel I needed to write about etiquette at graduation exercises.

Last year, I was honored to attend my grandson’s graduation exercises at Warren Area High School. I say, I was honored because the exercises were inside and tickets were limited. Therefore, his grandfathers were not able to attend.

There was a gross lack of courtesy extended by some of the attendees. First, one of the women in front of me played “candy crush” through the entire exercise. A gentleman a few rows ahead of me received a cell phone call, took it and then spoke loudly for 1/2 minute or so.

Many people got up, went out and then came back to their seats not once but many times. One woman walked in and out past us five times.

Then to top it off as the students’ names were called and they received their diplomas, their families got up and left. What a discourtesy to the rest of the students receiving diplomas.

I realize the exercises are long but if you can’t attend with respect, let someone have a ticket who would appreciate it.

Judy Cerra