Our Opinion: A job well done

It could have been a disaster. It could have taken lives and property.

It didn’t.

And it didn’t because of the professionalism and the skill of dozens of fire and law enforcement personnel from the City of Warren, along with the assistance of other emergency responders.

When a car took out a high-pressure gas line on the East Side of Warren last Tuesday afternoon, thousands of cubic feet of natural gas immediately spread throughout the neighborhood around the intersection of Park Street and Melvina Avenue.

A single spark could have been devastating.

The first thought was to get residents of that neighborhood to safety. Working with the Warren County 911 center to keep communications from becoming tangled and confused, fire, rescue and police personnel cordoned off the area and went door-to-door to get people out. They quickly and methodically went about their task, ensuring that everyone, even pets were out of harm’s way.

The task was accomplished incredibly fast.

In less than two hours the all-clear was signalled and people returned to their homes.

So often we hear that a town the size of Warren pays too much for police and fire services, that those full-time departments bloat the budget and tax rates.

That is, until something like the emergency last Tuesday occurs.

Allow us to say about them what should be said: Thank you for your dedication and professionalism. You do this community proud.