Christian women celebrate

A “Happy 38th Birthday” luncheon was recently celebrated by Warren Christian Women’s Connection. Birthday balloons festively floated in the air, and favors were gift-wrapped boxes of candy.

Speaker Jeanne Nelson of Erie took guests on a journey through her life. As a baby, her father was sent to prison. Jeanne suffered cigarette burns, sexual abuse and hunger. Her mother abandoned her and her siblings. She was placed in an orphanage. Her sister was placed in another orphanage, and her other siblings were placed in foster homes. Jeanne was adopted into a new home with a new family, and got a new name. She wanted to bond with her new mother, but she feared her adoptive mother might abandon her, too. She became ill due to loneliness and became an alcoholic. She drank to relieve the pain which grew into drug abuse, causing her to suffer severe depression. At age 40, she learned that Jesus is your best friend. Then, Jeanne remembered her adoptive parents had taken her to church. She said, “According to God’s way, forgive those who have wronged you. There is nothing like it, that feeling of freedom!”

Jeanne has discovered her birth name and has been reunited with her birth father and his family and with her birth mother and her family. Jeanne is now blessed with a life of love and forgiveness, she said. She no longer feels lonely.

Chairperson Birdie Crandall acknowledged the beginning of the Christian Women’s Club in Warren. Those responsible were Mary Blick, Carmen Culbertson, Becky Erikson, Dorothy Samuelson and Lil Hildewig. Recognition was also given to those who have been active through the years.

Tina Nary and Andy, the manager from Bob Evans, passed out birthday cupcakes and everyone sang “Happy Birthday.” Nary told the history of Bob Evans farm with an attitude of creating “family around the red table.” She gave information on their catering services and bakery.

The Rev. Dave Hackman of Russell sang a song he sang to his wife on their wedding day. He explained the meaning of the word “Christian” and sang a “Song of Jesus.”

Vice chairperson Debi Sprague read a report form Stonecroft regarding the outreach Bible studies program.

The Connection meets on the second Tuesday of each month for lunch. All women are welcome to this Christian, non-denominational gathering.