Don Mills, helping local children for 89 years

For 89 years Don Mills Achievement Center, formerly Crippled Children Committee, has provided programs and Services which offer assistance in meeting the special needs and challenges of all residents of Warren County. Currently we offer the following programs:

Early Childhood Learning Center a licensed, private academic preschool serving children 3-5 years old with a developmentally appropriate curriculum in a socially and emotionally supportive environment.

Individual Speech Therapy

Rainbow Swim Program

Financial Assistance

Operation Take Me Home Electronic monitoring and tracking program to locate missing persons in the special needs community.

Advocacy and Referral

Camp Talk-A-Lot Our summer program for all children with the focus on Speech, Language and Hearing challenges.

While Camp Talk-A-Lot began with services offered to five children in 1974, this 40th anniversary year will provide speech, language and academic activities for almost ninety children! Our staff includes a certified special education teacher with a focus in early childhood, three extensively experienced speech/language pathologists and an early childhood educator. Each day the campers are presented with activities that focus on articulation, language, auditory processing, reading or math and a take home craft. Our camp is located at Chapman State Park and offers exciting opportunities for children to enjoy nature, interact with peers and relate to a supportive group of high school and adult volunteers.

Don Mills Achievement Center and our families are very proud to be a part of the second annual Warren Gives Event! Consider participating and donating. Money donated will be used for the purchase of specialized equipment and materials for Camp Talk-A-Lot and the preschool program, The Early Childhood Learning Center. For more information, visit and the Facebook Page, Don Mills Achievement Center.