WASU is a great place for kids to ‘hang out’

Warren Area Student Union (WASU) now has a pool tournament once a week for the kids to enjoy. The first eight students to sign up play brackets, and the winner receives a $10 gift certificate. The first three $10 certificates were donated by United Refinery for Kwik Fill.

Many other activities are also going on at WASU, movie nights, web surfing, working on homework in the computer room, shooting some hoops in the gym, working on a project in the library or just listening to music with friends. Sometimes all activities are going on at once.

The kids love to “hang out” at WASU, and it’s a fun, safe environment for students in grades six to 12.

“I enjoy seeing them all mature, learn social skills, respect and responsibility,” said director Pam Falber.

“Every few years WASU has a new young crew attending,” Falber said. “Once the students are older, it is always a pleasure to see how they have grown, when they return to say hello or volunteer. We even have one former student on the adult board at WASU.”

Maxx Davis, an eighth grader from Beaty, says, “It is a great place to ‘hang out’ with other people and meet new friends, as well as help out in the community. Overall, it is a great place and a lot of fun.”

“Coming here is a joy every day,” says WASU student board secretary Zakary Buerkle. “Beginning to come here was one of the best decisions of my life.

“After joining WASU, I changed from my normally antisocial self, and began interacting with other students and making new friends. WASU is truly a great place,” says Jillian Busby.

WASU is pleased to be a part of the May 14 Warren Gives, this year. WASU has been up and running for more than 15 years.

“Please keep the doors open for the area youth in our community,” Falber said, and donate to WASU through Warren Gives.