Little League…

Grace Wortman was 3-for-4 with a game-winning RBI single in the bottom of the sixth in Pennsylvania General Energy’s 10-9 Girls Majors win over Dairy Delite. Celia Chase started the inning with a triple and Julia Lobdell singled in a three-run bottom of the sixth. Lobdell struck out eight in four innings for PGE, and Delaney Chase reached base four times.

Jordan Sitler and Mikaala Deppen reached base three times each for Dairy Delite, and Ellie Lobdell had a go-ahead RBI triple in the top of the sixth.

Gracie Wood had three hits, Emily Darts a triple and single, and Marissa Grubbs and Lexi Head two hits each in Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways’ Girls Majors win. Head struck out seven in six innings in the win.

Trinity Wennberg struck out seven in four innings for D&I Silica, which had three hits each from twin sisters Riviera and Seneca Bennett.

Jared Bupp had a three-run home run for Whirley DrinkWorks to highlight its Boys Majors win over Wilcox Brothers.

Ben Salapek threw four shutout innings, with 11 strikeouts, in a Boys Majors win for Peterson-Blick Funeral Home. Salapek, Alex Borger and Justin Hamilton had two hits each, while James Swanson got on base and scored in all three of his at-bats. For CRI, Ben Berdine had two hits.

Justin Rich homered for NAPA in a Boys Minors game.

Cael Hunt struck out six in two innings in United’s Boys Minors win.


Peterson-Blick 322 13x – 11

CRI 000 032 – 5

2b-Tony Batiste (C), Ben Salapek (P). 3b-John Fankhouser (P-B). WP-Salapek.

Wilcox Brothers 002 3 – 5 2

Whirley DrinkWorks (10)33 x – 16 7

2b-Hayden Morse (Wi), Drew Williams (Wh). HR-Jared Bupp (Wh). WP-Tyler Gustafson.


NAPA 004 05 – 9 5

Eagles Club 415 0x – 10 1

2b-Bryce Blair (N) 2. HR-Justin Rich (N). WP-Jacob Stearns.

United Refining 021 51 – 9 5

Cornerstone Lounge 001 04 – 5 3

2b-Jared Beers (U), J.T. Blum (U). WP-Cael Hunt.


D&I Silica 211 003 – 7 11

Pa. Kinzua Pathways 450 101 – 11 11

2b-Kelsey Stuart (P), Braydn Wilson (D), Brianna Huston (D). 3b-Seneca Bennett (D), Trinity Wennberg (D), Emily Darts (P). HR-Wennberg (D)

Dairy Delite 001 152 – 9 4

PGE 340 003 – 10 8

2b-Alexis Nyquist (D). 3b-Celia Chase (P), Ellie Lobdell (D). WP-Alexis Courtney.