Geothermal electric bill paid in time

To the relief of some downtown Warren tenants, the heat is on.

Some tenants of buildings heated and cooled by Geothermal Energy Systems have been concerned since past-due notices were posted last month regarding the electricity bill for the Impact Warren system.

According to the Penelec notice dated April 8, the amount due was $10,920.05. If that amount was not paid, the electricity to 30 Clark Street Rear could be shut off as of Thursday. A subsequent call to a Penelec number showed the total bill at $25,630.11.

On Thursday, the automated response to an inquiry about the account yielded a “paid in full” response. According to the service, the most recent payment of $1,000 was made on Tuesday.

Geothermal Energy Systems provides water for heating and cooling, and some other non-drinking use, for several downtown buildings.

The Transit Authority of Warren County on Clark Street gets its heating and cooling from the geothermal system. The pump equipment is located in a building not far from TAWC’s side entrance.

“I am glad the lights came on today,” TAWC Director John Aldrich said on Thursday.

The electric bill is paid.

Next is the tax bill.

County records show taxes of $29,187.53 owed on the Geothermal property, including the 2013 property taxes. Because the property was not sold last year at upset sale it will go to judicial sale this year if the taxes are not paid in full, Treasurer Dennis Munksgard said.

Under judicial sale, the county starts the bidding at an amount that will reimburse its costs for preparing the property for sale – advertising and a title search go into that amount. Other than that, the property is sold free and clear.

Attempts to reach Robert Yoder, president of Geothermal Energy Systems LLC, were not successful.