Hill & Dale club meets

Hill and Dale Garden Club met April 23 in Pittsfield with 20 members and two guests in attendance. Yvonne Lee led devotions and read a story about how the children’s story “Mary Had a Little Lamb” was written. Eleanor Wilcox said her daughter, Vicki, and she attended the Federation District VII Monroeville Flower show and she told about their flower arrangements. Carol Eckert reported the club received an award from the federation for getting new members and received $100.

Calvin Eckert made a plaque about Miles Marker, and it was installed in the Sugar Grove Park garden.

There will be a plant sale ($1 each) outside after the next meeting. Elizabeth McMillen talked about her violet that she had grafted and that is finally blooming and it is completely different than anything she had. Some people have seen the hummingbirds so should get our feeders out now. Pam McCarthy reported she had an eagle trying to eat the kois in her pond. Miles Marker, Russell and Sugar Grove Park will be discussed at next meeting.

McCarthy asked for volunteers to help at the Rouse Home flower arrangement program on May 19. Flowers will be purchased, as it is too early to gather garden flowers.

McCarthy introduced the speaker, John Mortenson from Mortenson Recycling, and he handed out flyers about all the items they will accept and they can be taken there on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. John said he receives #1 and #2 plastic bottles, PETE or PHDPE plastic and # should be on bottom of containers. They also take corrugated boxes but no cereal boxes, glass separate the colors, tin and aluminum cans, newspaper and paper goods, but no brown Kraft paper. They are also now accepting computer and electronics but no vacuum cleaners or air conditioners. Mortenson talked about where recyclables are taken, to Single Stream in Buffalo, N.Y. He answered questions and talked about recycling and how it is good for all, especially the environment.

Refreshments were provided by the committee Ann Hernandez, Becky Brown, Yvonne Lee, Betty Steklacic and Pat Wilcox. Spring plants decorating tables were given to whomever had a little tag underneath their plates.