Debt ceiling

Dear editor:

Republicans, Democrats and liberals do not understand the debt ceiling; city of Warren, Pennsylvania, does not understand ‘ceilings’ (costing out of unionized crats via raising hard-money taxes). Common sense is needed in the operation. therefore educational enhancement with clarity is provided in illustration.

In sewerage treatment it is called B.O.D. (biochemical oxygen demand); needs of aerobic microorganisms in reducing (treating) solids, at all levels of governmental organizations these pol cats/crats are so parasitic they serve in treating their own sewerage (waste), believing their excrement (stewardship) doesn’t stink; consequently can’t smell the problem at hand; thus performance equates to a feces bird: one who flies in ever decreasing, concentric circles.

In simpler terms: the “house’ has a sewerage problem with a clogged up line and backup is rising in elevation to the ceiling; do you raise the ceiling or unclog the line?

To flush or not to flush?

Always a choice,

John L. Erickson


Citizen Advocate