WGH competitive in quality measures

Every hospital in the United States is required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to annually report specific quality measures which are analyzed and the results are then compared to state and national averages.

Recently, Warren General Hospital received those results that rank it competitively on many levels. In some areas, such as readmission rates, health associated infections, and hospital acquired conditions, WGH exceeded the state and national averages.

“WGH works continuously to improve standards of care, including patient safety, based on evidence based practices. Recently, WGH added a patient safety checklist. This checklist is given to every patient admitted to WGH with tips and recommendations to ensure their safety. It contains questions that we recommend our patients to ask staff so the patients are better educated regarding safety measures and they can be reassured that we are being proactive about their safety,” said Warren General CEO John Papalia.