…but who pays the construction bill?

The City of Warren’s upgrade to its sewage treatment plant is going to cost plenty, but who is going to pay?

Glade, Conewango and Pleasant townships signed an agreement with the city in 1995 to use the sewage treatment plant. The city’s position is that the townships have to chip in for the construction of the new facility.

Glade Township supervisors and solicitor Tim Bevevino met Wednesday afternoon in a special public meeting at the municipal building to decide on a course of action.

Dave Sedon, chairman of the supervisors, said that the township had received a letter from Warren in March, saying that Glade’s share of the project came to about $941,000, based on volume.

After a lengthy executive session, Bevevino said, “The township doesn’t have any responsibility to pay for any part of this expansion. The city takes the position that the three townships must pay a proportionate share of the expense. To be blunt, we take issue with that.”

The supervisors agreed to contact the supervisors in Conewango and Pleasant townships to set up a meeting.

Supervisor Joe Scully said, “Hopefully, we can come to an agreement with them, and ask for a meeting with the city.”