Average gas prices rise 8 cents in region

Western Pennsylvania gas prices rose almost eight cents to $3.85 a gallon this week, according to AAA East Central.

Tuesday’s national average price at the pump was $3.67 per gallon. This is about three cents less expensive than one week ago, but it is nine cents more than one month ago and about 15 cents more than the same date last year. Gasoline prices may have reached a springtime peak of $3.70 per gallon last week, though it is too early to know for certain.

Drivers in 32 states saw the price at the pump decline over the past 7 days, with the largest decreases in: Indiana (-13 cents), Michigan (-11 cents) and Ohio (-10 cents), and Illinois (-7 cents). Pump prices in the Midwest have often been the most volatile in the country as refinery issues, supply bottlenecks and logistical issues have caused sometimes dramatic fluctuations.

This week’s Western PA average price: $3.851

Average price during the week of April 29, 2014: $3.772

Average price during the week of May 7, 2013: $3.488

The following is a list of the average price of unleaded self-serve gasoline in various areas:

$3.845, Altoona

$3.837, Beaver

$3.793, Bradford

$3.807, Brookville

$3.873, Butler

$3.797, Erie

$3.882, Greensburg

$3.858, Indiana

$3.930, Jeanette

$3.880, Kittanning

$3.866, Latrobe

$3.938, Meadville

$3.827, New Castle

$3.877, New Kensington

$3.855, Pittsburgh

$3.832, Sharon

$3.809, Uniontown

$3.795, Warren

$3.794, Washington