Jobless rates

Dear editor,

An article written by Mac Slavo and published today by “Infowars” corrects the unemployment statistics released by our government last week. They say unemployment dropped to 6.2% due to the creation of 288,000 jobs in April; what they didn’t tell you is that the real reason the percentage dropped is the labor force shrank by over 800,000 people.”The participation rate, which indicates the share of working age people in the labor force, decreased to 62.8%.” The real unemployment rate calculated by economist John Williams shows a rate of over 23%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics “20% of American families do not have a single person that is working. Nearly 50 million people are actively receiving food assistance.”

Figures lie and liars figure.

It is our government’s goal to create a one world economy by reducing our standard of living to the rest of the world’s level and they are succeeding. China is now the world’s largest economy, we used to be.

Please throw the bums out and take this country back.

Lee J. Borger Jr.