Dragons sweep Corry on track

The Warren Dragons’ track team swept the Corry Beavers at War Memorial Field Thursday afternoon in a match-up against preseason Region 3 rivals.

“We didn’t expect to win, not like this,” said Warren boys coach Steve Norris. “Big things happened in our favor today. We swept the 300 hurdles; it was great to see Shattuck and Willetts get those places. We had a big win from Stewart in the discus, and Rosenberg in both the 400 and 800M’s.”

The boys won two of three relays, and had nine first place finishers in the meet. Junior Kyle Kulka and sophomore Ryan Gorgacz jumped over 20 feet in the long jump, finishing first and second, respectively.

“It was a fantastic team effort today,” said Norris. “Tanner (Rosenberg) is two seconds off the school record in the 800, and we’re very proud of all of our boys. We had personal bests all over the board.”

Included in that category is freshman Blake Ristau, who had a personal best in both the 1600M and 3200M. He finished first in both races. The 1600m race came down to 6/10’s of a second between Ristau and runner up, Whitley from Corry.

“Our assistant coach Justin Norris does an excellent job utilizing the talent around him,” said Steve Norris. “He put the boys in the right positions, and they went out and won.”

The girls team came away with a 75-66 victory.

“I was pleased with the performances,” said girls coach Mark Sweet. “It’s been a long year, and it was sort of a crazy day as far as the number of athletes we had for certain events. The season is a grind, and we’re getting through it. Today, even with thin numbers, the kids stepped up. A win is a win. I’ll take this one.”

Warren senior Casey Kulka was a three-time winner at the day’s meet. She finished first in the 100M, 200M, and 400 relay. She set a personal record in the 200M with a time of 27.56 seconds.

“With districts two weeks away, there is no down time,” said Sweet. “We just have to keep practicing and hope they stay healthy.”

The Dragons will host Oil City next Tuesday at 4p.m.

Warren boys 79, Corry 62

3200 relay: Warren 8:59.44

110 hurdles: 1. Shattuck (W) 16.27, 2. Nichols (C), 3. Peterson (W)

100M: 1. Cragg (C) 11.37, 2. Walsh (C), 3. Gorgacz (W)

1600M: 1. Ristau (W) 4:53.39, 2. Whiteley (C), 3. Colosimo (W)

400M: 1. Roseberg (W) 50.9, 2. Wortman (W), 3. Short (C)

400 relay: Corry 45.11

300 hurdles: 1. Wortman (W) 41.72, 2. Shattuck (W), 3. Willetts (W)

800M: 1. Roseberg (W) 2:07.54, 2. Colosimo (W), 3. Short (C)

200M: 1. Kulka (W) 23.63, 2. Walsh (C), 3. Wortman (W)

3200M: 1. Ristau (W) 10:48.05, 2. Whitley (C), 3. Nielson (W)

1600 relay: Warren 4:18.26

Triple jump: 1. Cragg (C) 43’6″, 2. Nowacki (W), 3. Gedz (C)

Long jump: 1. Kulka (W) 20’11”, 2. Gorgaz (W), 3. Morris (C)

High jump: 1. Cragg (C) 5’10”, 2. Kusiek (C), 3. Davis (W)

Shot put: 1. Smith (C) 43’10”, 2. Sipe (C), 3. Gray (C)

Discus: 1. Steward (W) 116’11”, 2. Jones, 3. Dennis

Javelin: 1. (C), 2. (C), 3. Davis (W)

Warren girls 75, Corry 66

3200 relay: Warren 13:26.73 (Ashbaugh, Kuebley, Ticheror, Olson)

100 hurdles; 1. Onuffer (W) 16.96, 2. Lasecki (W), 3. Stockton (C)

100M: 1. Kulka (W) 13.23, 2. Weber (C), 3. Hoehn (C)

1600M: 1. Southerland (C) 5:49.56, 2. Xander (C), 3. Merenick (W)

400M: 1. Adams (W) 1:06.23, 2. Cottschling (C), 3. Hall (C)

400 relay: Warren 54.04 (Adams, Barker, Castagnino, Kulka)

300 hurdles: 1. Stockton (C) 50.34, 2. Lasecki (W), 3. Haehn (C)

800M: 1. Xander (C) 2:39.91, 2. Laner (C), 3. Falvo (W)

200M: 1. Kulka (W) 27:56, 2. Adams (W), 3. Gottschling (C)

3200M: 1. Sutherland (C) 13:38.29, 2. Xander (C), 3. Hahn (W)

1600 relay: 1. Corry 4:57.50 (Blake, Hall, Gottschling, Stockton)

Triple jump: 1. Anderson (C) 31’8.5″, 2. Barker (W), 3. Merenick (W)

Long jump: 1. Adams (W) 15’4″, 2. Barker (W), 3. Merenick (W)

High jump: 1. Goodsel (C) 5’2″, 2. Paris (W), 3. Gluvna (C)

Shot put: 1. Atkins (W) 33’3″, 2. Hahn (W), 3. Benedict (C)

Discus: 1. Olson (W) 101’9″, 2. Gluvna (C), 3. Nutt (C)

Javelin: 1. Gluvna (C) 103’9″, 2. Olson (W), 3. Hahn (W)