Sometimes it’s easier to read to the pets

Everyone’s comfort zone for reading can be different, but cozying up with a pet while reading is very relaxing to many. Warren Area Elementary third graders enjoyed reading to pets brought by Julie Fratich in April. Over the past few years, Fratich has visited WAEC third graders with dogs she has rescued from unfortunate circumstances. This year she brought three dogs and one cat. Students sat in small groups with an animal and took turns reading books to the animals. The pets absolutely loved the attention, and the children enjoyed cuddling up to the animals, as well as talking to them. Snuggling up with pets as they warm one’s lap like a blanket encourages students to choose to read as a pastime because it makes it fun!

Julie Fratich’s visit was two-fold. She gives a wonderful message about accepting people’s differences because her dogs come with all sorts of unusual abnormalities.

For example, the dog Sammie is blind with only two teeth and cannot bear to stand on a cold floor. He is brought in a baby buggy. The second message is to encourage students to read and this is a wonderful way for them to practice and improve their oral reading fluency.