Eisenhower, Youngsville each split track meets, but get them in under the weather

The Youngsville High School track and field teams split with the visiting Iroquois Braves in a Region 4 meet Tuesday at Mike Shine Field.

The girls won by a final score of 78 1/2-61 1/2 and had a new district qualifier in senior discus thrower Sam Anthony. Anthony won the event with a toss of just over 95’6″, and also went on to place second in the shot put and third in the javelin.

Other individual first-place finishes for the Lady Eagles included Mallory Eastman in both the 100 and 300 hurdle events, Brooke Messinger in the 1600 and 3200, Leigh Fehlman in the 400, and Kimmie Lindstrom in the 200.

The Lady Eagles also received valuable first-place points from the 4-by-800 and 4-by-100 relay teams.

“I told the girls (Iroquois) was a team we had to beat if we were still going to have any shot at winning the region,” said Youngsville girls’ coach John Victor. “We weren’t too worried about times today because of the conditions. The girls just did well all the way around. You can’t ask any more of a team; ask them to step up and they step up.”

The Youngsville boys were defeated, 88-48.

The Eagles claimed three individual winners with Zach Ishman placing first in the 110 hurdles, Matt Fox winning the 100, and Nathan Wilcox winning the javelin. Wilcox also had a pair of second-place finishes in the discus and shot put, and Solomon Clark was second in the 400, long, and triple jump.

Youngsville is back on the track Tuesday in a Region 4 meet at Titusville.

Youngsville girls 78 1/2, Iroquois 61 1/2

3200 relay: 1. Youngsville (Olsen, McCluskey, Fehlman, Messinger) 13:12

100 hurdles: 1. Eastman (Y) 19.38, 2. Wozniak (I), 3. Burks (I)

100M: 1. Cadden (I) 13.86, 2. Kaly (I), 3. Lindstrom (Y)

1600M: 1. Messinger (Y) 5:56, 2. Olsen (Y), 3. Panj (I)

400M: 1. Fehlman (Y) 1:08.92, 2. Swartzbaugh (Y), 3. Knight (I)

400 relay: 1. Youngsville (McChesney, Cedrone, Clark, Lindstrom) 59.4

300 hurdles: 1. Eastman (Y) 55.54, 2. Marino (Y), 3. Seigworth (I)

800M: 1. Junkin (I) 2:45, 2. Fehlman (Y), 3. Knight (I)

200M: 1. Lindstrom (Y) 28.7, 2. Cadden (I), 3. Lasher (I)

3200M: 1. Messinger (Y) 13:14, 2. Olsen (Y), 3. Zebrak (I)

1600 relay: 1. Iroquois 4:43.84

Long jump: 1. Olson (I) 14’4″, 2. McChesney (Y), 3. Eastman (Y)

Triple jump: 1. Krahe (I) 30’5.5″, 2. McChesney (Y), 3. Swartzbaugh (Y)

High jump: 1. Olson (I) 4’11”, 2. Baker (Y), 3. none

Shot put: 1. Miller (I) 34’10”, 2. Anthony (Y), 3. Peterson (I)

Discus: 1. Anthony (Y) 95’6.5″, 2. Miller (I), 3. Burdick (I)

Javelin: 1. Royal (I) 86’2.5″, 2. Morris (Y), 3. Anthony (Y)

Iroquois 88, Youngsville boys 48

3200 relay: 1. Iroquois 10:35.6

110 hurdles: 1. Ishman (Y) 18.58, 2. Siggins (I), 3. Lyon (Y)

100M: 1. Fox (Y) 12.01, 2. Tyers (Y), 3. McShane (I)

1600M: 1. Beyer (I) 5:27, 2. McKelbey (I), 3. Alekson (Y)

400M: 1. Dodes (I) 57.29, 2. Clark (Y), 3. Lehnen (Y)

400 relay: 1. Iroquois 47.53

300 hurdles: 1. Siggins (I) 47.02, 2. Kaliszewski (I), 3. Ishman (Y)

800M: 1. Beyer (I) 2:19.90, 2. Hiles (I), 3. Pap (I)

200M: 1. Brown (I) 24.62, 2. Fox (Y), 2. McShane (I)

3200M: 1. Cooper (I) 12:31, 2. Lyon (Y), 3. none

1600 relay: 1. Youngsville 3:56.65

Long jump: 1. Burks (I) 17’1″, 2. Clark (Y), 3. Butler (I)

Triple jump: 1. Burks (I) 38’4.25″, 2. Clark (Y), 3. Butler (I)

High jump: 1. Butler (I) 5’0″, 2. none, 3. none

Shot put: 1. McLaurin (I) 42’8″, 2. N. Wilcox (Y), 3. Castillo (I)

Discus: 1. McLaurin (I) 123’3.5″, 2. N. Wilcox (Y), 3. Kastillo (I)

Javelin: 1. N. Wilcox (Y) 158’2.5″, 2. Torn (I), 3. Siggins (I)



Eisenhower faced off against Union City under less-than-ideal weather conditions Tuesday afternoon around the ‘Pasture of Pain.’ The boys came away with a 97-43 victory, while the girls came up short, 59-82.

“The wind today affected everyone,” said Eisenhower girls coach Mike Logue. “It didn’t play favorites, so we don’t have any excuses for our performance. When you win two out of the three relays, and dominate all of the throws, you would expect the score to be a little closer. We just didn’t win any of the individual races. I don’t really have an answer for that.”

The Lady Knights swept the shot put, placing in all top three spots. They also took first and third in both the javelin and discus for a combined score of 21-6 in the throwing competitions.

“Tiffany Work had a great day for us,” said Logue. “Her move in the 4×4 was excellent, she passed the girl at the handout and lengthened that lead for us. She was also on the winning 4×1 team, and came in second in the 100 hurdles.”

There was no pole vault competition due to the severe wind coming off of the adjacent fields, and according to Eisenhower boys coach David Bauer, just finishing the meet was a success.

“After a day like today, you don’t feel like you’ve won or lost, but that you’ve survived,” said Bauer. “Both teams were lacking numbers today, and we had a lot of younger guys making steps into unusual positions, so it’s impossible to draw conclusions for the outcome.”

One of those young stars is Bryon Braswell.

“Coach Hoffman and I have to be constantly reminded by each other that this kid is only a freshman,” said Bauer of Braswell. “He did really well in the 100 and 200 today, and he anchored our 4-by-1 relay. He really is a standout at this point in the season.”

Sophomore Noah VanHouten is another underclassman gaining the coaches attention.

“Noah is coming along,” said Bauer. “The weather held everyone back today, so the results weren’t record-shattering, but placing means everything, and he did just that.”

Ike will travel to the Coudersport Invitational on Friday.

Eisenhower boys 97, Union City 43

3200 relay: 1. E (McCool, Lasecki, Morine, McMillen) 11:07.4

110 hurdles: 1. Adams (E) 18.8, 2. Lange (E), 3. Sweet (E)

100M: 1. Braswell (E) 12.9, 2. Eernisse (E), 3. Hawkins (U)

1600M: 1. VanGuilder (E) 5:18.3, 2. Gardner (U), 3. McMillen (E)

400M: 1. Buchanan (E) 58.8, 2. Lange (E), 3. Potts (U)

400 relay: 1. E (Braswell, Eadie, Eernisse, McMillen) 52.0

300 hurdles: 1. Adams (E) 48.0, VanHouten (E), Lange (E)

800M: 1. Gardner (U) 2:24, 2. Lasecki (E), 3. Potts (U)

200M: 1. Braswell (E) 26.9, 2. Eernisse (E), 3. Hawkins (U)

3200M: 1. VanGuilder (E) 11:32.4, 2. McMillen (E), 3. Lasecki (E)

1600 relay: 1. E (Hummel, Sweet, Morine, Hoffman) 4:46.6

Shot put: 1. Smrcku (U) 38’3.5″, 2. Bailey (U), 3. Kent (U)

Discus: 1. Bailey (U) 10’6″, 2. Hoffman (E), Smrcku (U)

Javelin: 1. Hoffman (E) 96’10.5″, 2. Freel (U), 3. Klus (U)

Long jump: 1. Beck (U) 14’6″, 2. VanHouten (E), 3. Braswell (E)

Triple jump: 1. VanHouten (E) 34’9.5″, 2. Yaple (U), 3. Jones (U)

High jump: VanHouten (E) 4’8″, 2. Yaple (U), Smrcku (U)

Pole vault: N/A

Eisenhower girls 59, Union City 82

3200 relay: 1. U (Trainer, Fletcher, boyd, Gardner) 11:57.1

100 hurdles: 1. Toy (U) 19.0, 2. Work (E), 3. Wallin (E)

100M: 1. Gardner (U) 15.0, 2. Stanko (E), 3. Sleeman (E)

1600M: 1. Keefer (U) 6:18.21, 2. Bauer (E), 3. Fletcher (U)

400M: 1. Gardner (U) 1:11.7, 2. Trainer (U), 3. Daugharthy (E)

400 relay: 1. E (Work, Sleeman, Stanko, Dubyne) 59.2

300 hurdles: 1. Toy (U) 54.5, 2. Kersetter (U), 3. Wallin (E)

800M: 1. Boyd (U) 2:45.4, 2. Keefer (U), 3. Casnic (U)

200M: 1. Gardner (U) 30.2, 2. Stanko (E), 3. Boyd (U)

3200M: 1. Trainer (U) 14:08.9, 2. Clark (E), 3. Martone (E)

1600 relay: E (Daugharthy, Work, Wallin, Warner) 5:13.3

Shot put: 1. Baran (E) 27’7.5″, 2. Huffman (E), 3. Talasky (E)

Discus: 1. Baran (E) 85’10”, 2. Bahl (U), 3. Straight (E)

Javelin: 1. Huffman (E) 72’11”, 2. James (U), 3. Hice (E)

Long jump: 1. Toy (U) 12’7.75″, 2. Kraus (U), 3. Dubyne (E)

Triple jump: 1. Kraus (U) 28’1.75″, 2. Chapman (E), 3. Toy (U)

High jump: 1. Esri (U) 4’6″, 2. Chapman (E), 3. Work (E)

Pole vault: N/A





COUDERSPORT – The Wolverines were swept for the second straight day in a tri-meet at Coudersport.

“None of the distances or times were very good for any of the teams,” said Sheffield girls coach Jenelle Johnson. “The weather was just so tough, and they were tired from having back-to-back meets.”

Brittany Fritz took first in the shot put (29-7) against both Coudy and Smethport, followed by Jen Isenberg taking second in shot both against Cody and Smethport. Isenberg also had two firsts in javelin (105-6 1/2) – against Cody and Smethport.

Julia Vile took first in triple jump (27-1 1/2) against Smethport, followed by teammate Claire Pierson with second in triple against Smethport. Pierson also had a second in the 300 hurdles against Cody and a third against Smethport.

The Lady Wolverines ran their first 400 relay with Morgan Leichtenberger, Emily Grove, Morgan Hoffman and Vile winning in 59.8 seconds against Smethport.

Sheffield’s boys team was also swept for the second straight day, but had three kids with good performances vs. both opponents.

“It was Adam Higby (winning), again, with a high jump of 5-foot-7, and Jake Johnson was second with 5-5,” said Sheffield boys coach Brian Moldovan. “And Higby won the triple again at 38-2.

“Jake, I’m getting impressed with him,” said Moldovan. “He’s an inch shy (of district-qualifying in the high jump). Adam is starting to understand the technique of getting out there and getting some distance.

Kyle Corbin was also second in 300 hurdles, in 38 seconds, and in a bad wind.