Dance Express earns honors

Members of the Dance Express and Junior Dance Express Companies performed extremely well at their first competition of the season Hall of Fame Dance Challenge held April 11-14 in Niagara Falls, N.Y. The companies took home a combined medal count of 13 “platinums,” 17 “high golds,” 21 “first places,” 13 “overalls,” six “judges awards,” five “all-star” nominations, three “best in category” and one awesome start to a great season.

Rachael Courson and Rachel Dietsch received “Perfect Partner” for their lyrical duet; Abby and Jillian Funari received the “Entertainment Award” for their duet; “Beauty & Grace” was awarded to two group lyrical numbers, “Great Partnering” to Molly Huey and Adam Flagella for their contemporary duet; and “Heart of Dance” to Adam Flagella. Laura Courson, Adam Flagella, Abby Funari, Jillian Funari and Molly Huey were chosen out of hundreds of soloists to represent Dance Express as “All Stars” at the Hall of Fame Nationals, and Marylin Shene and Hailie Cass were awarded junior and teen photogenic. “Best in Category” was awarded to soloist Molly Huey, soloist Abby Funari and the group Hip Hop dance “Search Destroy.”

The Company is under the direction of Molly Dies with a staff of Linda Dies, Laura Sears- Baldensperger, Carly Smith and Kristy Turner. Choreographers include staff members plus Jo Alspaugh, Candace Hernandez and Madison Hogan.