Sheffield swept in track

The Sheffield track team had only three girls and 12 boys – six from the high school and six from Abraxas – competing in Monday’s track meet at home against Port Allegany and Otto-Eldred. The athletes that were available were asked to run extra events, and competed well in the face of those challenges.

The boys nearly earned a victory, but fell five points short of a key win, instead falling 68-64 to Otto-Eldred. The rest of the scores weren’t as close. Port Allegany ran past everyone on the track, and came away with over 40-point victory margins in both the girls and boys meets.

“We had some really good results individually today,” said Sheffield boys coach Brian Moldovan. “Adam Higby had a personal best in the triple jump, and made it over 40 feet today, which was impressive. Jake Johnson had a personal best in the high jump, and was only an inch away from a district qualifying result. Daniel Pierson was another one that did really well.”

While Port Allegany covered first place in most events, the jumps belonged to Higby and Johnson. Higby swept the long, triple and high jump, and came in second in the javelin throw.

“It wasn’t a rough day,” said Sheffield girls coach Jenelle Johnson. “The girls that showed up really performed. Morgan Hoffman had an outstanding day. She reached 14-5.5 in her first ever attempt at long jump. Jen Isenberg was awesome as well, sweeping the shot and discus. Both Morgan and Jen had personal bests in shot put.”

Along with Hoffman and Isenberg, junior Morgan Leichtenberger had a solid outing. She came in second in the 110 hurdles and high jump, while finishing third in both the triple and long jump.

The Wolverines have a busy schedule ahead, and don’t have many practices left, according to coach Moldovan. They will face Coudersport on Thursday, and will have three meets next week, including Thursday’s all-Warren County meet.



100M: 1. Evans (P) 11.6, 2. Kittleson (P), 3. McDonald (S)

200M: 1. Caulkins (P) 25.0, 2. McDonald (S), 3. Tanner (P)

400M: 1. Caulkins (P) 55.9, 2. Smith (P), 3. Henderson (S)

800M: 1. Miller (P) 1:21.0, 2. Brown (O), 3. Smith (P)

1600M: 1. Smith (P) 5:25.0, 2. McDowell (P), 3. Brown (O)

3200M: 1. Wheatman (O) 12:35.7, 2. Smith (P), 3. Parris (P)

110 hurdles: 1. Farmelo (O) 17.0, 2. Hutton (P)

300 hurdles: 1. Farmelo (O) N/A, 2. Setzer (P), 3. Hutton (P)

400 relay: Port Allegany

1600 relay: Port Allegany

3200 relay: Port Allegany

Shot put: 1. Moses (P) 40’7″, 2. Strawderman (P), 3. Zeturck (O)

Discus: 1. Moses (P) 109’0″, 2. Zetwick (O), 3. Grimes (O)

Javelin: 1. Zetwick (O) 153’0″, 2. Higby (S), 3. Koehlee (P)

Long jump: 1. Higby (S) 18’9.5″, 2. Hutton (P), 3. Evens (P)

Triple jump: 1. Higby (S) 40’4.5″, 2. Hutton (P), 3. Koehlee (P)

High jump: 1. Higby (S) 5’10”, 2. Setzer (P), 3. Johnson (S)

Pole vault: N/A



100M: 1. Bair (O) 14.0, 2. Hahn (O), 3. Buchsensuhutz (P)

200M: 1. Buchsensuhutz (P) 29.2, 2. Stuck (O), 3. Buchsensuhutz (P)

400M: 1. Miller (P) 1:07.0, 2. Burrows (O), 3. Valerius (O)

800M: 1. Miller (P) 2:51.0, 2. Ernst (P), 3. Danton-Kinney (P)

1600M: 1. Conklin (P) 7:28.3, 2. Goodwill, Dales (P)

3200M: Fischer (P) 15:45.1, Stuck (O), Lathrop (P)

110 hurdles: 1. Delacour (P) 17.9, 2. Leichtenberger (S), 3. Stuck (O)

300 hurdles: 1. Delacour (P) 50.9, 2. Stuck (O), 3. Lathrop (P)

400 relay: Port Allegany

1600 relay: Port Allegany

3200 relay: Port Allegany

Shot put: 1. Weaton (O) 30’3″, 2. Isenberg (S), 3. Drummand (O)

Discus: 1. Isenberg (S) 85’8″, 2. Hartzel (O), 3. Hoffman (S)

Javelin: 1. Isenberg (S) 113’4″, 2. Hartzel (O), 3. Drummand (O)

Long jump: 1. Hahn (O) 15’2.5″, 2. Beak (O), 3. Leichtenberger (S)

Triple jump: Miller (P)32’1″, 2. Bair (O), 3. Leichtenberger (S)

High jump: Hahn (O) 4’8″, 2. Leichtenberger (S), 3. Buchsensuhutz (P)

Pole vault: N/A