Two defendants hear sentences

Judge Maureen Skerda sentenced two defendants last Friday morning in sentence court.

Kelly D.Wadsworth, 72 Pleasant Dr., to two years, less one day in the Warren County Jail with credit for seven days served and immediate parole. She was also fined $700 in fines and costs, 40 hours of community service and restitution of $52.08 for a charge of retail theft. Skerda instructed her to continue a mental health regimen.

David C. Oberg, 119 Vine St., to 151 days in the Warren County Jail, two years probation, $1,125 in fines and costs and 110 hours of community service. He is eligible for immediate parole, and Skerda instructed him to continue a mental health regimen. Skerda said that sentencing guidelines called for the normal range, but since he has already served time in the aggravated range, his sentence was for time served.