Strings Attached

It’s taken almost all of the school year, but technology students at Warren County Christian School can finally see the fruits of their labor.

Earlier this year, the students started, in groups, crafting a dulcimer, violin and ukulele.

What started as unfinished pieces of wood in a kit box have been turned into beautiful instruments.

“It was really fun to do,” said Abby Root. “It took a really, really long time.”

Brice Matteson said the entire project was “really enjoyable” but Zackary Ballard explained that it required a great degree of patience.

Matteson was also impressed with “all the things that have to go into” making an instrument

Many students talked about the fulfillment of seeing what was once unfinished pieces of a kit into completed instruments.

Eric Sorenson said completing the project felt “pretty good.” Emily Stowe talked about the “very precise” nature of the work and Sorenson said it was beneficial to gain experience working with the various tools required.

The instruments will be donated to the school for use in the music program.

Technology Instructor John Lewis explained last October that the final project will be the instrument as well an illustrated instruction manual which details all of the work the students undertook to build the instrument. That means the students have to take a lot of pictures and then enhance their computer skills through this process.