Our opinion: Stop and think

May 1 has been designated the National Day of Prayer.

For those among us who are religious, it is a time to turn to that faith and lay upon it our fears, our hopes, our beseeching, our search for solace. Whether we pray to God through Jesus Christ, to Allah through Muhammad, or directly to Yahweh, the goal is the same.

For those who are not religious, it is a time for reflection and introspection, a place to go inside one’s self to find answers to difficult and sometimes un-answerable questions of life and death.

What sets us apart from the lesser creatures on this planet is our sense of self, our insatiable search for meaning, our cognizance that life itself must someday end for us, at least life as we now know it.

It seems that as our lives become increasingly hectic, as we are bombarded by the cacophony of noise from conflicting images, concepts, political arguing, 24-hour news, reality television, crime, justice, and yes, even the contents of this newspaper…there is little left of our daily lives in which to pause, if even for a few moments, to listen to the voice inside of us.

Imagine what would happen if everyone stopped at a certain time on a certain day, turned off the noise, and simply listened?

Maybe nothing.

But, maybe something.