List of streets for resurfacing

The following is the list of city blocks recommended for resurfacing by city administration, and approved by Warren City Council, with part of the approximately $730,000 windfall from fund balance:

Brook St. from Roy St. to Pioneer St.

Fourth Ave. from Morrison St. to Beech St.

Harmon St. from Onondaga Ave. to Oneida Ave.

Lexington Ave. from Cedar St. to Linwood St.

Lexington Ave. from Linwood St. to Carver St.

Lexington St. from Carver St. to S. South St.

Crescent Park from main Ave. to Tuscarora Ave.

Tuscarora Ave. from St. Clair St. to Lee St.

Euclid Ave. from Irvine St. to dead end.

Hickory St. from Pa. Ave. W. to Third Ave.

Locust St. from Pa. Ave. E. to Park Ave.

Madison Ave. from South St. to Russell St.

Madison Ave. from Russell St. to Irvine St.

Madison Ave. from Irvine St. to Canton St.

Third Ave. W. from Hickory to Pa. Ave. W.

Union St. from Pa. Ave. W. to Fourth Ave.

Fifth Ave. from Market St. to East St.

Fifth Ave. from East St. to Water St.

Pa. Ave. W. from Market to Liberty, and Hickory to Laurel, will also be resurfaced but the funding will not be part of the windfall.