Our opinion: It’s not all bad news

So often we get caught up in the negative that appears in a newspaper or on television, and seem to overlook or quickly forget the positive.

And, that’s the case with issues related to the Warren County School District.

Taking nothing away from the problems that plague the district from time to time – classroom violence tagged to the shift of special needs students to Youngsville Elementary Middle School, the appearance of muddle when it comes to how the district is restructuring its physical plant needs and wants, for instance – there are positive things about the school district that appear in these pages each week.

That’s because, for all of the problems it must overcome, the school district continues to nurture a generation of citizens armed with the skills and leadership to carry on the best traditions of this community.

Over the past two weeks, for instance, readers learned about a student at the Warren County Career Center who qualified for national competition in the area of motorcycle maintenance and repair. Today’s paper portrays a program for 5th graders from around the district who visited the Career Center and got a taste of what their elder students are doing to cement careers for themselves in a variety of trades.

The county is truly fortunate to have a Career Center that is so successful and reacts quickly to the needs of business and industry, from culinary arts to welding, from computer-assisted drafting and design to automotive technology.

Each week during the school year we feature a thumbnail portrait of a student from each of the high schools and middle schools in the county who not only succeed at academics but are already contributing to their communities with service and commitment.

Sure, there are problems in the district, but they might better be described as challenges, since we can’t think of any over the past several decades that weren’t overcome in some fashion. The solutions may not have always been perfect, but they have kept the mission on target.